UR Newsletter #3

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 – Issue #3
Happy National Waffle Week University Ridge!


We’ve decided to extend our game throughout the entire fall semester! Come to the Ridge Community Center and guess the number of pieces of candy in the jar. The closest guess not only wins all of the candy, but also a $50 gift card to Walmart!! Guesses are $1 each and all of the money is donated to The United Way. Guess as many times as you want!



This year we will be texting students with all important Ridge related info! We will be texting students about programming opportunities, but also information about any emergency situations. In order to receive these texts and make sure that you are getting all important info, you must text @dh7eh to 81010. Messaging rates apply.


Also, be sure to like us on Facebook. We will be having contests and posting important info on our Facebook page. So make sure you are in the know!



We have GREAT news! Students will no longer be charged $35 dollars when they are locked out when the Ridge community center is closed! Instead, if you are locked out and the community center is closed, you will be required to pay $2 in cash to be let back into your apartment. Otherwise, RAs will not be allowed to let you into your apartment.


All money collected will be donated to the United Way. Lockouts when the community center is open will be free!



Every Wednesday at 9pm, we will be having a program for all Ridge residents in the Ridge community center! Here is the info on our next round of “WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY” programming!


Wednesday, September 7th @9pm in the community center



Wednesday, September 14th @9pm in the community center



Wednesday, September 21st @9pm in the community center

LET’S GET FRIED (Fried Oreo Cookies)



Saturday, September 10th @9pm in the community center


As part of the ESU Late Night programming series, we will be having a caricature artist in the Ridge community center doing free drawings! Bring your friends and join in the fun!


Tuesday, September 20th @8pm in the community center


An interactive program that looks at the ethics as well as the myths and facts of hazing. A $50 Walmart gift card will be raffled off at this program.


Saturday, October 1st @7pm in the University Center


It’s part of the ESU Family Weekend, so bring the whole family!


Saturday, October 8th


Tickets still available! They are $20 per person will all money being donated to The United Way.



Since the Ridge is basically in the middle of the woods, there is a lot of wildlife seen on a fairly regular basis around the Ridge. Animals seen range from skunks, to snacks, to deer, to bear. It’s important to realize that we share this space with the animals. However, it is absolutely crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself.


First, you should NEVER try to approach and wild animals regardless of how tame they may seem. Second, NEVER, under any circumstances should anyone feed the animals. This creates a long term issue with the animals continuously coming back or more food. Lastly, never allow yourself or anyone else to be put into danger. Always be aware of your surroundings. Be on the lookout for dangerous animals. If you see on, do not approach the animal. If you or anyone else is in danger, call University Police immediately.



University Ridge has an excellent recycling program! All you need to do is collect recyclables in your apartment. No need to separate anything, just throw everything in a bag of bin. (Please make sure all food containers are cleaned out.) Then, bring all of your recycling to the community center and place it the large, blue recycling bins inside the front door. That’s it! No need to sort anything!


The smoke detectors in your apartment are designed to go off when there is smoke, heat, or flame in your apartment. This means that there is a possibility that the detectors inside your apartment may go off do to smoke or steam from cooking. When this happens, it is considered a non-emergency. In this case, just the detectors in your apartment are activated, but the entire building is not in alarm. In order to get the detectors to stop, open windows and turn on fans to get the cooking smoke out of your apartment and a flow of fresh air inside your apartment. HOWEVER, during non-emergencies, you should NEVER open up your apartment door and allow the smoke or steam from cooking to get to the smoke detectors in the stairwells. As soon as your non-emergency issue hits the detectors in the stairwells, the entire building will go into alarm and everyone will be forced to evacuate the building. Covering smoke detectors, disconnecting smoke detectors, or removing batteries from smoke detectors is absolutely prohibited. Doing so puts the safety of every student in your building in jeopardy.


If there is an actual fire in your apartment, you should open your apartment door and get out of the building as soon as possible.


In addition, please be mindful of the sprinkler heads in your apartment. If heat or flame reach the sprinkler heads they will activate to contain the fire. However, you should never hang items on sprinkler heads or touch them in any way. Doing so could flood your entire apartment or even your entire building.



Did you know that University Ridge has specific locations that students will need to meet during emergency situations including building evacuations? Please familiarize yourself with the below list and be sure to meet at the assigned location during fire drills or other emergency events.


Building 1 – Exit through the front door of the building and meet in the circle in front of University Ridge.


Building 2&3 – Exit through either the front of back doors of the building and meet in the circle on the front of University Ridge.


Building 4 – Exit through the front door of the building and use the steps at the top of the Ridge. Meet at the bottom of the steps in the parking lot.


Building 5&6 – Exit through the front or back door of the building and meet in the parking lot behind the building.


Building 7&8 – Exit through the front or back door of the building and meet in the parking lot behind the building.


Building 9&10 – Exit through the front or back door of the building and meet in the guest parking lot by the maintenance shop.


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September 6, 2016