UR Newsletter #1

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 – Issue #1
Happy National Safe at Home Week University Ridge!

Throughout the school year we will be sending all Ridge residents a weekly newsletter on Monday or Tuesday mornings. The newsletters will include important information that all Ridge residents need to know. Aside from the email, all newsletters will also be posted on our website under the “UR Connected” tab.


This year we will be texting students with all important Ridge related info! We will be texting students about programming opportunities, but also information about any emergency situations. In order to receive these texts and make sure that you are getting all important info, you must text @dh7eh to 81010. Messaging rates apply.


Throughout check-in week we may even be having some contests through our texting service, so make sure you sign up now in order to win!


Also, be sure to like us on Facebook. We will be having contests and posting important info on our Facebook page. So make sure you are in the know!



All Ridge residents are REQUIRED to register on the University Ridge Resident Portal. (This is different than the ESU portal and is only relevant to students living at the Ridge.) Once students are registered they will be able to use their portal to submit work orders for their apartment and also see contact information for their roommates.


There are instructions on how to register on the Ridge portal under the “Resources” tab on the Ridge website.



Thursday, August 25th @7:30pm in the pavilion


Meet RAs Taylor and Jordan under the pavilion and head to campus for this very fun event. It’s an inflatable obstacle course! Kind of like the gameshow “Wipeout!”


Friday, August 26th @7:30pm in the pavilion


Meet RAs Gino and Layla under the pavilion they travel down to campus for a party in the streets! Music, games, and tons more fun!


Saturday, August 27th @7:30pm in the pavilion


Meet RAs Glenn and Rachael under the pavilion and get psyched to cheer on your WARRIOR sports teams! Don’t forget to wear your red and black!!


Sunday, August 28th @4pm in the pavilion


Meet RAs Lea and Taylor and head to campus for a FREE picnic on the quad!


During the first week of classes, all Ridge residents will be required to attend a mandatory building meeting in their building. All residents are expected to attend and attendance will be taken. All of the meetings will take place on the first floor of each building and should last no longer than 20-25 minutes. Be on the lookout for additional information on times and dates for your building meeting as you are moving into your apartment.



During Ridge check-in there will be a number of opportunities for you and your family to help the Ridge meet its fundraising goal. For the fall semester, our goal is to raise $541 dollars (one dollar for each resident that lives at the Ridge.) All money raised with be donated to The United Way.


At check-in, students can purchase up to 2 NYC Bus Trip tickets! The trip is on Saturday, October 8th from 9:30am until 9:30pm. Tickets are $20 per person.


Next, students and guests can purchase a brand new University Ridge baseball cap for only $10!


Lastly, students and guest can enter our Candy Counter Contest! Guess the number of pieces of candy in the jar and the closest guess not only wins all of the candy, but also a $50 gift card to Walmart!!


Since we are donating every dollar that is brought in directly to The United Way, we are only able to accept cash.


The smoke detectors in your apartment are designed to go off when there is smoke, heat, or flame in your apartment. This means that there is a possibility that the detectors inside your apartment may go off do to smoke or steam from cooking. When this happens, it is considered a non-emergency. In this case, just the detectors in your apartment are activated, but the entire building is not in alarm. In order to get the detectors to stop, open windows and turn on fans to get the cooking smoke out of your apartment and a flow of fresh air inside your apartment. HOWEVER, during non-emergencies, you should NEVER open up your apartment door and allow the smoke or steam from cooking to get to the smoke detectors in the stairwells. As soon as your non-emergency issue hits the detectors in the stairwells, the entire building will go into alarm and everyone will be forced to evacuate the building. Covering smoke detectors, disconnecting smoke detectors, or removing batteries from smoke detectors is absolutely prohibited. Doing so puts the safety of every student in your building in jeopardy.


If there is an actual fire in your apartment, you should open your apartment door and get out of the building as soon as possible.


In addition, please be mindful of the sprinkler heads in your apartment. If heat or flame reach the sprinkler heads they will activate to contain the fire. However, you should never hang items on sprinkler heads or touch them in any way. Doing so could flood your entire apartment or even your entire building.



Did you know that University Ridge has specific locations that students will need to meet during emergency situations including building evacuations? Please familiarize yourself with the below list and be sure to meet at the assigned location during fire drills or other emergency events.


Building 1 – Exit through the front door of the building and meet in the circle in front of University Ridge.


Building 2&3 – Exit through either the front of back doors of the building and meet in the circle on the front of University Ridge.


Building 4 – Exit through the front door of the building and use the steps at the top of the Ridge. Meet at the bottom of the steps in the parking lot.


Building 5&6 – Exit through the front or back door of the building and meet in the parking lot behind the building.


Building 7&8 – Exit through the front or back door of the building and meet in the parking lot behind the building.


Building 9&10 – Exit through the front or back door of the building and meet in the guest parking lot by the maintenance shop.


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August 24, 2016